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Added on 07 March 2021

Horsley gardening club members have been discussing ways in which they can connect this year. It is hoped to have meetings using the internet. Members are being offered a monthly meeting using Zoom and access via WhatsApp to share ideas. A monthly newsletter with the usual features, garden tips, questions and seasonal recipes will be circulated.

Lesley Charlton from South East farm will be seen around the village taking on the challenge “ March the month.” The scheme has been developed to raise funds for prostrate cancer. Well done Lesley.

Another village resident has been taking advantage of lockdown to research people from  the past who lived in the parish of Horsley and made an impact during their lives on the national or international scene. They include Philip de Ulecotes who was Sheriff of Northumberland and reputed to be one of King John,s most wicked advisors. He had Nafferton castle (Lonkins Hall)built for himself in 1218 in the upper part of Whittle dene. Thomas Trewrent was a great exponent of the non conformist movement in the 1660,s. He took over the attics in what is now the Hearth arts centre to preach to his converts in secret. Joseph Parker chartist, liberalist and Congregationalist married Ann Nesbitt the daughter of a Horsley farmer. He travelled extensively at home and abroad preaching. Eventually he became minister of the City Temple in London and donated a stained glass window and pulpit to Horsley village church to commemorate his wife and father in law respectively.

The March meeting of Horsley parish council took place on Monday March 8th using the internet. Items under discussion were local planning applications, village highways issues and construction traffic using the village to access the water treatment works.

A craft box in the Hearth garden has been replenished. Families in the village may help themselves to the materials.

Curlews and lapwings have returned to fields in the north of the parish. Skylarks are also evident in large numbers. Spring is on the way.