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Added on 28 February 2021

As in previous lockdown months there will be a village raffle draw in March. Hopefully this will bring a little more cheer at a difficult time.

Horsley Book Club members may like to look for a copy of “Place names and field names of Northumberland by Stan Beckensall. It is a useful reference when walking out and about in Horsley parish. Most place names in Horsley are of Anglo Saxon origin. Welton and Nafferton use the ending “ton” which refers to a defensive site. Welton is the tun or ton by a spring and Nafferton is Natfari,s tun with Natfari meaning wanderer by night. Perhaps this Saxon chief had insomnia. Whittle is from white hill the colour of the local limestone.

As yet there is no suggestion that the bus stand will be replaced outside the Lion and Lamb. All buses still stop here. Please note that the X85 bus services have been suspended . The problem will no doubt be lack of travellers.

The engineering firm Meldrum completed their work at Horsley water treatment works last week. However the remaining work is still one year behind schedule.

The fence and gate post at the west end of the narrow copse between Dunslaw hill and the homes at Horsley Hills is broken. Similarly the gate post as you leave the adjoining paddock beside the concrete track is also unstable. Access on this right of way is still possible and there is no stock in the paddock. Repairs are needed before the paddock is used by horses. Many thanks to Roger Dinning of Whittle farm for putting hard core on either side of the new gate at Whittle bridge. There are also new notices asking people to take litter home and clean up after their dogs. Both are constant problems as is the irresponsible throwing away of face masks in the countryside. Please take care when accessing the bridge over the Whittle burn on the path to Spital. It is easy to slip in the mud whilst accessing the gate and bridge.