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Added on 14 March 2021

If you are worried about traffic speeding through Horsley village the parish council are still looking for more volunteers to join the team who use the speed gun. Training is provided. Please contact Mandy Senior  the Parish clerk if you are interested in helping.

The footbridge over the unnamed burn south of the Bogle burn between Nafferton and Welton needs repair and is only passable with care. All current footpath problems in the parish have been reported to NCC countryside team.

In keeping with the national trend many more people in the village are volunteering to pick up litter. Many thanks to all those involved. Of course the problem would not arise if people took their litter home and stopped throwing it out of passing vehicles.

The village lockdown raffle draw took place again this month. There were four lucky winners who have received their gift. All prizes were given by private donation.

The water table remains very high around the parish. Two swans and ducks have taken up temporary residence on the seasonal pond at Horsley Barns beside the Harlow Hill Road.

Hearth trustees have started their evening heritage talks using Zoom on the internet. Details are shown on the Hearth website or advertised in the Courant.