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Added on 25 May 2020

Several Horsley residents took part in the RSPB big winter bird count last January. The totals for the North East showed that starlings, sparrows, blackbirds and blue tits had the highest numbers.

Horsley families can enjoy an exercise course as they move around the village. Attached to gates, railings etc are a number of posters showing a simple healthy exercise. Stop at any one and do the exercise shown on the poster. Enjoy the fun.

The parish clerk and local councillor for Horsley has asked NCC on numerous occasions to clean out the blocked drains in the Main Street. Every time it rains water accumulates near the WI hall and floods the road.

Garden Club members have received sunflowers and pumpkins from Terry Mulligan. At the end of the season the largest pumpkin, tallest sunflower and biggest sunflower head will be judged.

Thank you once again to our regular team of village volunteers and Ian our postman who cheerfully delivers the mail despite the golf course still being closed.

The owner of a glue factory in North Wales had temporarily diverted a right of way and kindly asked walkers to stick to the new path. The humour was not lost on me at the time.  Please do not stray off the path into farmers field crops when walking around Horsley or exercising dogs. All rights of way are open.