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Added on 29 June 2020

The Wright Bros summer bus service from Newcastle to Keswick via Horsley will commence on 31st July and continue until September 27th on a daily basis. The bus arrives at Horsley at 09.45 am. However passengers may be asked to book a seat on the bus and wear a face mask in order to meet current regulations. Please check times and any booking details before travelling.

NCC have repaired the playground/children crossing sign at the west end of the village.

A short while ago I acquired a postcard showing the Horsley Hearts football team in 1921. The team played on a field to the north of the village which has now been returned to arable farming along with the old colliery drift mine. A family relative played for the team in the 1950s when it was very successful winning several cups. Not all players were from Horsley and the team was disbanded shortly after this period.

Horsley village church has been successful in its planning application to improve access for all.

Oyster catchers have been nesting among the rubble in Horsley treatment works this spring while extension work continues at the site. Residents were informed last week that there may be some low level noise from automatic pumps. However the noise disturbance was minimal.

I have been able to cut back briers and gorse on the rights of way through the old copse behind Dunslaw hill and near Spital ford. The latter route is a delight at present due to the corridor of low bushes and the poppy field near the ford.

The playground facilities at Horsley will remain closed until the parish council acquires a better understanding of what is needed to make these areas safe for adults and children following government guidelines.