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Added on 24 January 2021

Horsley has long had an association with fresh water supply. This year brings about the 175th anniversary of the construction of the first reservoirs in the north of the parish at Welton. The idea was to supply Newcastle with fresh water by a series of surface and underground aqueducts. Some of the water source ran through layers of limestone with essential minerals providing health giving qualities. A spa facility near Spital was favoured by Victorians. Design and construction of the aqueduct, dams and buildings around the reservoirs was done by local architects such as John Dobson and James Simpson. Today the aqueduct is a wildlife corridor with many rare plants.

The RSPB “Big garden bird watch survey” took place last weekend. Several residents and garden club members did the survey. Results to follow.

A January food hamper draw to support the village at this difficult time was held last Saturday. The winner has been notified. Contents of the hamper were given by a private donor.

Once the work to provide improved access to the village church is complete attention will be given to removing the sharp points on the church railings which some church members feel are dangerous.

Traffic monitoring has been taking place in the main road through the village. However the wires across the road which monitor the traffic were in exactly the same place as last time. The fitter who came to remove the wires last Thursday has assured me that he  understands they need to be moved further down the street for the next survey. He intends to speak to his superiors about this.

NCC have filled in some potholes in the main road opposite the Antiques centre. The parish clerk intends to remind NCC Highways about the state of the road as you approach the village from the west. It is scheduled for repair.