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Added on 14 June 2020

Members of Horsley WI hope to fill a basket of homemade goodies for an afternoon tea which will be placed in a raffle draw. All householders in the village will be entered into the draw and the winner will be the first household whose ticket comes out of the hat. This is a lovely gesture from the W.I. at such a difficult time.

Horsley gardening club and their supporters are working hard to keep the village planters in full bloom as well as planting sunflowers around the village. This might add a little bit of cheer after the poor spell of weather over the last two weeks.

Northumbrian Water has kindly filled the water blocks in the field where local people have raised beds for growing soft fruit and vegetables. Many thanks to Andrew who has put so much effort into this project.

Some of the trees planted by the gardening club at the west end of the village have been damaged by roe deer eating the bark. Those trees affected have been removed and others cut back to encourage new growth.

It’s nearly time to build the scarecrows around the village. The organisers will be in touch with people shortly.

Fishing has recommenced at Whittle ponds near Welton in the north of the parish. It has proved to have been a popular choice after such a long closure.

NCC have been filling in some of the potholes on the lane between Horsley and Harlow Hill. However there is still more work required to repair the road and ditching. Surface water coming off fields damages the road and path.  Several items of street furniture still litter the side of the roads to the west of the village. These signs rusted and collapsed where they stood. One of the signs warned motorists that they were approaching a children’s play area at Highcrofts. There are many young children living in the village who use the play areas and have to cross the busy main road to gain access. This problem is not helped by lack of signage and speeding traffic.