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Added on 06 December 2020

Horsley is expecting a very special visitor this week. It has been cleared for Santa Clause to come to the Hearth arts centre garden and meet with village children. He is aware of social distancing and the use of face masks during the current crisis. The children will have timed slots allocated.

The village is well ahead of its preparations for Christmas with many houses already decorating their windows with mixed media stained glass as well as Christmas lights and trees.

It is an old custom to bring greenery into the village church and houses at this time of year. The greenery is a symbol of life and was often thought to ward of evil. Ivy and holly are well known for this purpose.

Village businesses are operating as they were during the lockdown as we have been placed in tier three. Artists studios at the Hearth are open by arrangement. The cafe has a new Christmas take out menu which has been distributed around the village with the Glad Tidings newsletter. The Lion and Lamb continue to deliver Sunday lunch.

Notices have been displayed at the eastern side of Horsley Wood to alert people to the fact that shooting is taking place. The safest routes through the wood are the bridleways and public footpaths.

A reading of the story “ A visit from St Nicholas “ is going to be sent through WhatsApp and the Horsley connections. Traditionally the story is read at the WI Carol evening which sadly cannot take place this year.