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Added on 27 July 2020

NCC are gradually replacing broken street signs to the west of the village. Several had rusted and fallen into the grass verge last winter.

A reminder from the garden club about entries for hanging baskets and or planters. Entries should be made by photograph and delivered to 1 Fernley Cottages by August 7th. You do not need to be a member of the garden club to enter.

The football field in the village is now open. Both goalposts have been repainted by the parish council.

Several residents are taking part in the “Big Butterfly Count.” If anyone wishes to join in please refer to the Butterfly Conservation website for details.

A69 workforce have been repointing the bridge at the junction of the road to Harlow Hill as well as checking and cleaning drains. The pedestrian walkway was flooded last winter from the adjoining field producing a slimy surface which froze over in cold conditions.  Temporary traffic lights were in place while the work was completed.

NCC countryside team have replaced the stile with a metal gate at the junction of the old A69 and Whittle bridge.

The first art class since March took place at the Hearth arts centre last weekend. Hopefully this is the first of many after all the Covid 19 problems this year. Naturally numbers are limited to comply with health and safety.