17 May 2020Village News

The rights of way leading from the village are being used by more local people than usual as a direct result of the current recommendations about daily exercise. Many residents have asked me where each path leads. In order to help I have drawn a topographical map of some of the routes and this has been placed on the parish website and social media. However the best advice is to purchase a copy of the OS EXPLORER map 316 Newcastle upon Tyne which covers all rights of way in the parish of Horsley.

VE Day in Horsley was very much an internet event with families and friends sharing tea parties and photographs from individual homes.

A reminder that Horsley parish council holds its AGM on May 18th using the internet. Please e mail any questions before the above date to parishclerk@horsleyvillage.org.uk

Members of Horsley Book Club are purchasing books on line from local book shops until members can access stocks of library books again.

Horsley village church has taken the opportunity whilst the Hearth arts centre is closed to renew the heating in the Hearth Hall. All of the public spaces are undergoing a deep clean. The cafe remains open for take outs and doorstep deliveries however please check opening times on Facebook or ring 01661 853563. Work from some of the artists can be purchased using their internet shops.

Horsley craft club members are producing 6 inch squares using a variety of materials. When the group is able to meet members will share their ideas.

10 May 2020Village News

Seventy five years ago a street party was held at Horsley Wood Cottages to celebrate VE Day. Home made bunting decorated the street. The tea party consisted of homemade scones sweetened with parsnips, spam and corned beef sandwiches, jelly and homemade cakes using soft fruits from the street allotments. Some current Horsley residents lived at the west end of Newcastle on VE Day where they also had street parties with similar party fare. Today some of our village residents are celebrating in their own homes and decorating windows and gardens with bunting.

Please be aware that all the rights of way leading from the village across open fields have cattle in them with very young calfs. The cows are particularly protective of their young and care needs to be taken when crossing the fields.

NCC have filled in pot holes in the road that approaches the village from the west.

Many thanks to the chemists at Wylam who have been able to deliver prescriptions to vulnerable people during the current crisis.

The dog bins that had been placed on signposts at either end of the village will not be replaced. As an alternative the parish council intends to use multi purpose bins instead. Evidently the previous dog bins along with their contents and one of the fallen posts had been stolen. The parish council and not NCC has to pay for dog bins.

All events and club meetings in Horsley during the month of May have been cancelled. The AGM of Horsley PC which was due to be held on May 18th will not be held in the WI hall. Councillors are using an internet package called Zoom from their own homes. If any member of the parish would like to connect to this meeting please contact parishclerk@horsleyvillage.org.uk. Alternatively members of the public can send questions via e mail to the same address.

26 April 2020Village News

There has been a marked drop in the number of bottles, cans and fast food cartons thrown from vehicles on the approach roads into the village. Thank you to the regular team of volunteer litter pickers around the village and to those who take their litter home particularly when it is already inside a vehicle. Many of our rural lanes are fast becoming a dumping ground for materials that harm the environment.

Horsley church will deliver art materials to children who live in the village on request. Please send an e mail to horsleyvillagechurch@gmail.com if you would like a bag of materials delivered to your doorstep during the current crisis.

Lead lane in Horsley will be closed for one day only on May 5th to allow utility work to commence. The work will actually start on May 4th and continue through to November 2020. However the road is only likely to be closed completely for one day.

Many thanks to the Hearth cafe who continue to provide doorstep grocery service and take out food around the village. Their efforts have been gratefully received during this difficult time.

Horsley church has made a planning application to improve access to the main building which will support all users of the path. Details about the application have been attached to the church railings.

Villagers are being encourage to decorate their windows and gardens with bunting for the VE Day celebrations on May 8th.

Swallows have returned to the village after their long flight from the Southern Hemisphere. Two birds have adopted the WI/village hall post box as a nest  site. Anyone who has mail for this box please use the Hearth post box for the time being.

The large road sign beside the bridge on the road to Harlow Hill has finally been repaired. Let’s hope others around the village are repaired soon.

19 April 2020Village News

The fingerposts marking rights of way around the parish have been repainted making walkways clearer. Broken stiles, footbridges and other obstructions on rights of way can be reported to parishclerk@horsleyvillage.org.uk. for attention.

The bus shelters around the village are undergoing a spring clean.

A considerable amount of street furniture collapsed during the winter period largely due to the metal posts rusting. The dog waste bin and the sign on which it was attached at the east end of the village has been removed. Hopefully all the dog bins will be placed on other posts. Some signs to the west of the village are either still lying on the ground or bent over and care needs to be taken when passing them.

12 April 2020Village News

It’s at times in crisis when you are thankful you are part of a community such as the one we have here in Horsley. The level of support has and continues to be amazing. Many people feel sure we will come through the current situation stronger as a community. Thank-you to all who are giving of their time freely to help.

NCC Countryside team intend to cut back overgrown thorn bushes and gorse on the public right of way near Spital ford. Other footpaths in the parish are being checked regularly to ensure they are safe to access. Nature can give a lot of pleasure particularly at this time of year. There are signs of spring all around the village to uplift the spirit.

All music, art and heritage events at the Hearth have been affected by the viral outbreak. Please check the Hearth website for the latest news and information. Similarly public notice has been given in regard to church services at Horsley. The village church also has a website for reference.

Horsley Parish Council website has up to date information and advice.

05 April 2020Village News

Many thanks to the volunteer WhatsApp group, village church leaders  and the Hearth cafe for their continued community support during this difficult time.

The village church is promoting the idea of decorating house windows with an Easter theme.

The sign holding the dog waste bin at the east end of the village has collapsed. Dog owners are kindly asked to use a bag to pick up dog waste and place it in their household bin. Please do not allow dogs to foul pavements, public rights of way and farmers fields.

The antiques centre in the village remains open. Hearth artists can be contacted through their websites and internet shops. It is possible to have some items posted.

The bridge over the Bogle burn on the public right of way between Nafferton and Welton has collapsed. The matter has been reported to NCC who have acquired the necessary materials to rebuild the bridge.

29 March 2020Village News

Human beings are capable of such resilience in times of crisis. It is so reassuring and heart warming to see how people in Horsley have come together to support one another at this difficult time. Church leaders, a community volunteer what’s app group and the Hearth cafe have been working hard to support everyone in need of help. Information leaflets have been sent to all householders in the village, Horsley Barns and Horsley Wood Cottages outlining the support available.

There was rousing support in the village for the NHS on Thursday night at 8pm. Many people opened their doors to congratulate the medical profession for the dedication and hard work they are providing in the fight to beat this current medical emergency.

Nancy Youngman, a long time resident of Horsley has sadly passed away after being ill over recent months. She was a regular member of the village church, WI and organised many social activities at the Crown and Anchor and village hall.

There are many signs of spring in the countryside around the village. It is amazing how the flora and fauna can raise your spirits when times are difficult. Lapwings and skylarks have returned to the fields to the north of the village. The woods are full of colour. Birds have started their dawn chorus and already building nests.

Village notes are sent several days before publishing. The current medical emergency and government advice changes daily. Please check Horsley Parish Council  and Hearth cafe websites for up to date information or you may wish to connect to our local volunteer what’s app group.

22 March 2020Village News

Following the guidelines and instructions announced by central government the Lion and Lamb has closed its doors for the time being. This is a sad moment for all concerned. A number of meetings have been cancelled including the Horsley parish council meeting scheduled for March 30 and the heritage talk at the Hearth on March 26. Their will be no church services at Horsley until further notice.

On a more cheerful note the Hearth cafe has remained open for take away food and drinks as well as the sale of eggs and milk. The cafe want to help the local community as much as possible at this difficult time and are willing to deliver take ways around the village and support their regular customers. Church leaders are offering to support this initiative and offer help to those in need. A sample menu from the Hearth is being sent to all  householders.

Other happy news to report at this difficult time  is the day at the Hearth last week when members of Heddon first school spent time discovering native trees around the village. Lots of practical work and fun for all.  The tree day was followed by a family event in the Hearth hall where families with young children made clay monsters.

Horsley gardening club are offering to repeat their 2019 project of providing free pumpkin and sunflower seeds for families around the parish. This was a very successful community activity.

The antiques centre in Horsley is open for business as usual. Anyone wishing to contact any of the  resident artists at the Hearth can do so through individual websites and make appropriate arrangements.

As advised by the government this is a good time for individuals who are not in a vulnerable group to go outdoors and enjoy the countryside around Horsley.  All the key rights of way are open and the paths are drying out after the wet winter. There are signs of spring everywhere. Around Horsley hills you can spot the mad March hares as well as the three red kites that have been resident over the winter.

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